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Who We Are

ASA Payroll Team
Our Owner

With 30 years of industry experience, Jim Hyland (president) has developed a system in which the client feels an unprecedented level of comfort with the payroll process. ASA is a hybrid payroll company; we offer the best of the large payroll services and the best of the small services. ASA has no press 1-2-3, we answer the phone. You have no company ID#, we know who you are.

Our Expert Team


ASA is a small to midsize business' trusted partner. We handle payroll only in New Jersey, therefore your payroll is our main focus. Our team, most of which have been with ASA 6+ years, are here to assist you. We encourage communication on all of your needs, and that is not limited to just payroll.

Have an employee issue, Reach Out.

Need an Accountant, Call Us.

Insurance Agent or Legal Issues, Touch Base.

We have the resources (we can even refer a landscaper).

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